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Employment Law

Employment law has become so complex, and the potential risks and costs involved so significant, that seeking advice from a specialist is vital. At Sky Solicitors Ltd, we provide a professional, friendly and efficient service in all areas of Employment Law, whether contentious or non-contentious.

We understand how important your job is to you and the stress that it can cause if you have any difficulties at work. UK Employment Law is a complex, ever changing area and finding out what rights you have as an employee can seem a very daunting task.

In addition to supporting and advising clients through the internal stages of disciplinary, grievance, and appeal hearings we are engaged cases in Employment Tribunals and Employment Appeal Tribunal across the UK.

We can help you with:

If you are experiencing problems at work, such as bullying and harassment or discrimination, e.g. sex discrimination, race discrimination, disability discrimination, age discrimination, discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or discrimination on the basis of religion or belief, Sky Solicitors Ltd's Employment Law Team can help you. Sky Solicitors Ltd can also advise you regarding pregnancy and work, maternity leave, paternity leave and flexible working. We represent many clients who have employment grievances, employment appeals, redundancy, maternity leave or paternity leave problems. Sky Solicitors specialize in all aspects of employment law including redundancy, equal pay claims, breach of contract issues, unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal or constructive unfair dismissal or retirement. We can also help with negotiations in compromise agreements.

Sky Solicitors Ltd employment law team can advise you on both the strengths and weaknesses of your case and, where possible, we'll ensure you are aware of all the legal aspects of your case before you even bring a claim. We will not mislead you and never encourage submitting a claim where we feel there is no real prospect of the case being successful or that there is a risk that a costs order could be awarded against you for the other side's legal bill.

Why Choose Us:

We are specialists in Employment Law, and we at Sky Solicitors pride ourselves in obtaining the best possible results for employees who are facing legal problems at work..

Funding your case:

Your initial advice will cost you nothing., we will explain in straightforward language whether you have a claim against your employer. However, for the detailed assessment of your case and to provide you with the written advice then we will charge £150 plus VAT. Once we have assessed your case, If you'd like us to carry on and help you take your claim further - all the way to the Employment Tribunal if necessary. There are a number of different funding options available, including no win no fee if your case is very strong. Alternatively, we may represent you on a fixed fee basis(starting from £2000+VAT). If you have legal expenses insurance (for example, under your home insurance policy), we will arrange for your insurers to pay our fees.

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