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Property is a lifetime asset and therefore buying or selling the property is often an exciting and daunting experience for many people.
It requires careful handling of the whole transaction starting from estate agents to the completion of the matter by the conveyancer.
You need a bespoke, friendly and professional legal service that should hold your hand and walk you smoothly through this tedious process.
We at Sky Solicitors make it happen every day by identifying and addressing our client’s individual concerns and turning them into a pleasant, simple and memorable experience for them.
Our caseworkers and staff are 100 percent dedicated to providing premier quality legal services to all; whether they are individuals, families, small businesses or public entities.


o Sale, No Legal Fee.
We will not charge you our legal fee if your sale does not complete or falls through due to the buyer’s fault or his/her lack of intention to exchange the contracts and complete the matter.


ixed and Competitive Fee.
An excellent and competitively priced service helping you budget your costs from the outset. Our fixed fee will not increase unless exceptional work is involved or (except where court proceedings are to be dealt with).


o Hidden Fees and Extra Charges.
Sky Solicitors will advise you of all the costs from the beginning to avoid any unpleasant surprises on completion of the matter.


arget Driven Completion Dates.
Ensuring and taking all possible measures to complete the transaction smoothly with a view to achieving your target date.


ransparent and Impartial Legal Advice.
Our conveyancers will provide you with an impartial and transparent legal advice during your initial contact. We will advise you about any potential pitfalls or complications likely to be encountered in your transaction clearly evaluating the information available at each stage.


rofessional, Friendly, Multi-lingual and Helpful Advice.
Our dedicated conveyancers offer their best assistance to simplify the legal process and speak various languages suitable and convenient for our clients.


onstant And Automatic Updates.
Regular updates provided to you via emails and mobile text messages as and when the action is taken or completed on your transaction if you provide us an email address and mobile number.


ome Visits For Clients With Special Needs.
Our conveyancer can visit your home for the completion of important documents at your special request. (Subject to you agreeing to pay the additional charges to cover the travelling time and taxi fare).


onitoring for Quality Services.
Our conveyancing teams are constantly monitored by the senior partners for providing a quality and unrivaled service as promised.


ccessible and Reliable.
Your allocated conveyancer is always accessible and regularly stays in contact with you. Our two-way communication approach obviates the need for you to worry about any aspect of the transaction.

The process has three basic stages: - It is difficult to provide an exact time scale as each transaction has different circumstances and issues to deal with, however, a typical straightforward conveyancing mater should be completed within 8-12 weeks from receipt of instructions.

Stage 1

This stage is from the very beginning of negotiations up to the "Exchange of Contracts". The "Exchange" is the moment when seller and buyer make a legally binding commitment. "Exchange of Contracts" takes place when the buyer's solicitors exchange a a written contract signed by the buyer and pay a deposit in return for an an identical written contract signed by the seller. Please note that the contract provides a 10% deposit of the purchase price (see the section headed 'Deposit' below). Until Exchange, the matter is "subject to contract", and neither party is legally bound and anyone can withdraw or re-negotiate price, repairs or any other matters.
Exchange of Contracts will not occur until all terms and conditions are agreed, and you have signed the contract documents, agreed on the completion date and given consent for us to execute Exchange on your behalf. If either party backs out after the Exchange of Contracts, the other party can sue. The buyer who withdraws will normally lose the deposit, which has been paid over; if 5% then the seller can sue for the remaining 5%.
Do not exchange contracts until you are sure you are ready, willing and able to go ahead.

Stage 2

This stage runs from Exchange of Contracts to "Completion". This is the date when the balance of the purchase price is paid to the seller's solicitor, the seller moves out of the property, and the buyer becomes entitled to move in. The buyer or his Building Society should insure the property from the date of Exchange of Contracts. It is usually necessary to have at least two weeks between Exchange and Completion, as there is a lot of work to do and papers for you to sign. Within each stage, there are several more steps, which have to be taken, and these will be discussed with you during the course of the transaction.

Surveys (Purchases only)

A buyer purchases a property in its existing state and condition, and it is not ordinarily possible to require the seller to pay compensation once contracts have been exchanged. As a buyer, it is essential that you check the physical condition of the property you are to buy. If you are obtaining a mortgage, the lenders will insist that they arrange and you pay for a valuation and survey. Most, but not all, lenders will let you see that report. These reports are not detailed, and you should not rely upon them, as you will probably not be able to claim against the surveyor if he makes a mistake. We, therefore, advise buyers to have a private survey, which can either be carried out by the same surveyor or an independent surveyor. There will be an additional fee, but it is , in our view, essential. Sometimes a surveyor will suggest further specialist reports if he has cause to suspect a particular problem, such as the drainage system, heating, wiring, plumbing, timbers or structure.

Deposit (Purchases only)

A deposit has to be paid to the seller's solicitors on the Exchange of contracts. This is usually 10% of the purchase price. Please make sure that you have the funds available to be able to pay this deposit on or before Exchange. The deposit is payable to Capstone Solicitors, and on Exchange of contracts, we pay this to the sellers' solicitors. In some cases, a 5% deposit can be negotiated if you tell us straight away. If you are buying and selling, it is usual to use the deposit received on your sale to pay the deposit on your purchase. However, you should be aware that if anything goes wrong, you could be required to return the deposit, and if you, for any reason, don't have the deposit to return, this could present a legal problem. If you are paying the deposit to us by personal cheque, building society cheque or bankers draft we will need this at least five working days before the date scheduled for Exchange to enable us to have cleared funds on exchange. You can also transfer the money directly from your bank account into ours on or before the date of Exchange if you discuss this with us in good time.
Unless we hear from you to the contrary, we will take it that you will have sufficient money to be able to raise the 10% deposit and that you will make this money available in time for Exchange. In other words you will ensure to have cleared funds available.

Buildings Insurance (Purchases only)

On Exchange of contracts, the risk of the property passes to you and therefore you must have in place or on risk buildings insurance to cover the reinstatement cost of the property. If you are taking out a mortgage, you can insure through your mortgage company or arrange it yourself via buildings insurance. It will be your responsibility to provide us with details of the buildings insurance before the Exchange of contracts so that we can advise your mortgage company of the details if you are not taking out their insurance.
In a case when you are not taking a mortgage, we will still require advance details of your buildings insurance to ensure that the property is protected and is not at risk from Exchange.

Deposit (Purchases only)

If you are buying a property in joint names, there is a choice: -

  1. Joint Tenancy

    -The property is owned by all joint owners, with none of them having a separate and distinct share. If one owner dies, the property automatically passes to the survivor(s). The joint tenancy can be changed to a tenancy in common at any time by one owner giving appropriate notice to the other(s). It can also automatically change in other circumstances, e.g. bankruptcy of one owner.
  2. Tenancy In Common

    - Each owner has a separate and distinct share, normally equal shares. If one owner dies, their share is not automatically transferred to the survivor(s) but will pass under the provisions of the deceased owner's Will, or if there is no Will, under the laws of intestacy.
You will have to confirm to us in writing, on the purchase information form we sent you, how you wish to hold the property jointly. If you hold the property as Tenants in Common, you should consider what share each of you will have in the property. If you do not specify, then it will be in equal shares.
If you require other arrangements, such as a capital sum to one party and the remainder split in certain shares, you should discuss this with us immediately rather than later. It may be that a Declaration of Trust is required between you.
Declaration of Trust is a formal legal document that sets out any arrangements you wish to make, for example, who must pay the mortgage, in what proportions, and what happens to the proceeds of any sale. Advising you in connection with and preparing a Declaration of Trust is separate from the usual conveyancing work, and we will quote a separate fee for this if required.

Stage 3

Following the completion and physical occupation of the purchaser, the buyer's /mortgagee's interest (if obtaining a mortgage) is registered with concerned Land Registry after paying the appropriate stamp duty.

Our Promise To You

Although conveyancing is, without a doubt, a complicated process, our conveyancing team at Skysolicitors will do everything to make it as easy and quick as possible for you.
Of course, if at any time you have queries or require assistance, do not hesitate to contact any member of our conveyancing team, who will be happy to assist you.

  • Residential Properties
  • Sale (Freehold & Leasehold)
  • Purchase (Freehold & Leasehold)
  • Housing & Shared Ownership Schemes (Buying & Selling)
  • Re-mortgage.
  • Lease Extensions.
  • Landlord & Tenant Issues/Disputes.
  • Commercial Properties*

Commercial fee* quotes are not fixed due to the variable and complex nature of transactions and are provided at your request. We assess the work involved and aim to offer a very competitive fee estimate in:

  • Sale (Freehold & Leasehold);
  • Purchase (Freehold & Leasehold);
  • Grant of New Lease;
  • Sale & Purchase of Mixed-Use Properties;

Conveyancing fee quotes are not fixed due to the variable and complex nature of transactions and are provided at your request.
We assess the work involved and offer an extremely competitive fee estimate. Sky Solicitors Limited provides transparent and realistic cost estimates at the outset of your matter, and, if need be, at regular intervals thereafter. We have a reputation for providing a high level of service at a cost which is extremely competitive.
To download an example form of Quotation for Residential Purchase please click here.
To find out more about additional costs in exceptional circumstance please click here.

General Terms & Conditions

  • This conveyancing illustration has been provided through Sky Solicitors' comparison programme.
  • The programme has the sole purpose of comparing the costs of solicitors and licensed conveyancers and introducing conveyancing clients to the UK based licensed conveyancers and solicitors.
  • To begin work on your case, we will require an advanced payment of 50% (this amount is included in the above total cost and is not an additional payment).

  • Under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and the Money Laundering Regulations 2017, we must make inquiries into the client's source of funds and wealth.

  • Although this is not an exhaustive list - clients will need to provide bank statements dated within the last three calendar months. They may also be asked to provide bank statements showing savings accumulation, documentary evidence relating to any gifts/contributions from relatives or friends, proof of property sales/inheritance/pension funds etc.

  • Depending on the circumstances of the matter and the due diligence that a client provides to the designated case handler, additional documents or a further explanation to gain clarity may be required at any time throughout the transaction.

Land Registry Fee

It has been assumed that the documents submitted to the Land Registry will be done electronically.
However, in a small number of cases, the Land Registry will not accept documents electronically (such as if a lease has too many pages or a plan is too large) and there will, in these cases, be an additional fee payable to them if the forms have to be submitted in paper form.

SDLT (Stamp Duty Land Tax)

If the property is based in England, any Stamp Duty payable will be based on the English Calculation.
Please note: Part of Money Laundering Regulations, certain transactions may be declined due to residence in, substantial connection to or holding relevant assets in a high-risk country. The regulations define all countries as high risk EXCEPT the following: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Japan, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK or the USA.

Sky Solicitors'conveyancing team consists of Mr Imtiaz Ranjha, Mr Salman Randhawa and Mr Imtiaz Ahmed.

Both Mr Ranjha and Mr Randhawa are supervising solicitors with more than 8 years of post-qualification experience.
Mr Ahmed is a property lawyer providing his legal services in commercial and residential property matters since 2005.
He has gained valuable and versatile legal experience in ever-changing and complex conveyancing transactions while working in prestigious law firms.
He has excellent exposure to dealing with individual high net-worth clients and large volumes of residential and commercial transactions