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Sky Solicitors is well known for our commitment to excellence and have been active leaders in the local and legal communities in and around London.

About Us

Sky Solicitors is well known for our commitment to excellence and have been active leaders in the local and legal communities in and around London. We are proud of the individual attention to clients that our solicitors and staff provide. It is our goal to meet the needs of our diverse clientele, providing personal interest and committed legal expertise, in a comprehensive and affordable manner.
Our caseworkers and staff are 100 percent dedicated to providing premier quality legal services to all; whether they are individuals, families, small businesses or public entities.

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We are recognised for following Quality Marks

Setting the standard

A wide range of clients us the Firm as their trusted adviser. Our experience ranges throughout a wide spectrum of cases and we tailor the cases to each client’s needs. We deliver various services to our clients through the variety of departments that we have, namely; Immigration, Personal Injury, Housing, Civil Litigation, Family and Welfare & Benefits.


Our client’s best interest is the key in all our commitment towards them. We are trusted to do the right thing and to get the best results through our legal expertise.
We aim to make the Law accessible to all clients needs and we use simple terminology to help clients understand the position of their cases(s).


Our service is built on good staff and providing the best legal advice to all concerned. We understand the different needs of people and we understand and are committed to working with diverse communities. We constantly seek and act on feedback and conduct formal reviews with our clients to ensure we are delivering against our business goals and providing efficient services in line with the 10 Principles of the SRA’s Code of Conduct.


Our dedicated and outstanding team have a variety of skills and expertise. Some of our team members are expert lawyers in their areas of specialty, some of which have worked overseas. This brings an invaluable knowledge throughout the Firm. We work together in teams to deliver the desired solutions our clients need. We recruit and retain the best individuals and we encourage forward thinking to help develop the Firm reach new goals. Our aim is to provide good quality service to all our clients.

Our Charges

The charges for our services depends upon the below mentioned factors.

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Following are the basis upon which instructions are accepted by us:

  1. Agreed Fees:
    We, at the time of accepting instructions, agree to charge a fixed amount. You will not be likely to pay more than the agreed figure unless the matter is oddly prolonged in some exceptional cases. Nevertheless you will never be caught by surprise and in the highly unlikely situation that costs rises, you will be informed promptly
  2. Hourly Rate:
    The Hourly rate of charging is purely depending on the level of expertise of a solicitor/ Barrister engaged and the complexity of work.
  3. Conditional Fee (No Win No Fee):
    Conditional fee agreements (‘CFAs’) are used in matters where the level of fee depends upon a particular event, usually winning the case. A CFA is a type of contingency fee which is permitted for contentious business providing it meets the requirements contained in 1990 (CLSA) (as amended by section 27 of the Access to Justice Act 1999 (AJA). We are in practice of contracting our clients under CFA in personal injury claims only.

Our Policies

At Sky Solicitors Limited we believe in open and honest communication. This sets out our policies for our clients

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Equality and Diversity Policy

We are comprised of a workforce from a variety of nations across our Legal and Support teams. Our client base covers a diverse community and cultures as we believe in providing the best legal services without any discrimination to all individuals.

Client Care Policy

Our efforts are to always rise above expectations of our clients while maintaining the fairness in the course of justice. We act in your best interests at all times. We are always open to improve our service through feedback from all clients.

Staffing policy

Our recruitment is strictly in accordance with the Equality & Diversity Act 2010. All vacancies are advertised via the Job Centre, Recruitment Agencies, LinkedIn and are also published on our website


Sign posting and Referral policy.

All members of the public that are in need of any legal assistance can approach us and should not feel hesitant to ask Sky Solicitors Limited for professional help. We will ensure that if we cannot help you with your matter or are unable to represent you beyond a certain level, we will give you professional support to help you locate further help and we will sign post you to someone who can be of further help.

Our Goals

“To be experts in our field of knowledge and be the very best in all that we do. To provide the best Legal Services to our clients and act in their best interests. To achieve the best possible outcomes for all our clients. To provide quality work through dedication and honesty. We aim to be affordable and accessible to all individuals and businesses across the United Kingdom.”

Sky Solicitors is a firm of solicitors that have a dedicated team of experts. Our Legal Consultants and International Lawyers provide the best service and our belief is that we have built an excellent reputation amongst our clients.

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Data Protection Policy

The Data Protection Act 1998 regulates the way that personal information, about individuals, whether held electronically or in a manual filing system, is obtained, stored, used and disclosed. The Firm is committed to the policy of protecting the rights and privacy of individuals, including our staff, member and customers, in accordance with the Data Protection Act

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Sky Solicitors Limited will use your information to provide the products and services you require, and may need to pass your information on to providers to carry out specialist services where necessary.

Sky Solicitors Limited would like to tell you by post, telephone, email and SMS about offers and promotions which may be of interest to you.

If you do not wish to receive details of these offers and promotions, you can opt out at any time by either emailing info@skysolicitors.co.uk or by calling 0208 555 8288.

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